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Computer Assessments

Determine your body’s energy imbalances

You can help manage stress and disease through Bio-Meridian testing at Jarvis Natural Health Clinic.

Come to the experts in Bio-Meridian testing methods

Through our non-invasive computer assessments, you can trust Jarvis Natural Health Clinic to find areas of weakness or imbalances within your body that may cause cellular stress and disease, before you even begin to notice any symptoms.


Call today for one of our helpful computer assessments

You’re in good hands with Dr. Jarvis and her staff of certified computer assessment technicians, highly trained in various Bio-Meridian testing methods, including:

  • Electrodermal Screening – you can detect imbalances in your body with this chi (energy) screening that measures electrical resistances on your skin’s surface.
  • Biological Terrain Assessment – the Biological Terrain supplies nutrition to your body and produces your energy or ATP. This test evaluates your urine and saliva for contributors of cellular stress and imbalances that can lead to disease.
  • Computerized Regulatory Thermography (CRT) – you can determine the efficiency of your body’s regulatory system with this FDA 510K-approved medical device, which uses the CDT 2000 Thermographic System. 

  • ZYTO – you’ll receive a comprehensive meridian stress assessment to determine appropriate ways to achieve a healthy energetic balance.

Note: The software used for the evaluations is not intended to diagnose a condition.