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Cleansing and Detox

Take care of your body with regular cleansing and detoxification

Improve your health and energy level through the natural therapies offered at Jarvis Natural Health Clinic.

Discover the benefits of routine cleansing and detoxification

Did you know that environmental exposure can cause toxins to build up in your body and lead to loss of energy, the inability of your body to heal properly, and an increased susceptibility to disease?

You can cleanse and detoxify at Jarvis Natural Health Clinic, providing a variety of non-invasive cleansing methods to ensure your body and mind are functioning at their very best, from colonics to Far Infrared Sauna.

You’ll see results when you detoxify at Jarvis Natural Health Clinic

Achieve optimum health and energy levels through ongoing cleansing and detox services, including:

  • Colonics – remove waste and unhealthy toxins from your body through Colon Hydrotherapy, a clean and relaxing flow of filtered, temperature-controlled water circulating throughout the colon.
  • Ionic Foot Bath – treat yourself to a 30-minute Body Cleanse footbath, a comfortable and relaxing way to rid your body of toxins. Not recommended for those who have pacemakers, are pregnant, or have metal implants such as screws, plates, etc.
  • Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) – this method will help remove chemical and heavy metal toxins from your body. Additional benefits include improving your immune system and helping with cardiovascular conditioning, weight control and stress reduction.